JoyPads: Medal Of Honour Feature

Medal Of Honour has been around for 11 years. Lets take a look which has shaped Medal Of Honour today.

Medal Of Honour has certainly had a fair few amount of games over the years. As one of the main big hitters for World World 2 games, and Call Of Duty entering the scene which has spanned more developers to dip into the most historical events the world has witnessed. Definitely stiff competition was ahead and creating some of the best FPS games we have graced.

We start with the first game of the hit series.

Medal Of Honour:

You obtained the role of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson. The game was set near the end of World War II. The main objectives players would of come against, was to destroy enemy positions and enemy troops in the process. The Medal Of Honour game started the series with a great almighty boom. Getting praised on all levels such as; great gameplay, graphics, AI and the game’s level design. IGN even had Medal Of Honour in its top 25 best games ever for the Playstation.

Certainly a good start for Dreamworks Interactive who are known as Danger Close now.

EA + Dreamworks Interactive at the time kept on creating more Medal Of Honour titles. Releasing games on multi-platforms was a big push for the developer and for the game itself. Branching out to more people to experience Medal Of Honour definitely worked even though they still had stiff competition with other developers with their own take on WW2, Medal Of Honour still proved to be popular with the gaming community.

MoH created a few good games and a few disappointed games to say the least. All focusing on the historical events, which there was large demand for but slowly a decline was appearing.

Going back nearer to the start of it all. Frontline was released in 2002 for the Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox. Frontline most probably being one of the most memorable games out of the series set a very high expectation. Storming the Normandy beaches was the main highlight for me personally. Most memorable piece of gaming I can still remember to this very day. Frontline made you feel the heroic. Destroying a U-boat, saving a Nazi prisoner and more. Dreamworks Interactive introduced high pace action which other games of late have took to a total new level.

Medal Of Honour: Frontline was the start of more success for EA. Not only more Medal Of Honour games around that time scale for the PC, but they moved from Germany to Pearl Harbour and Japan. Medal Of Honour: Rising Sun was a cracking game. At the very start, Japan attack Pearl Harbour. Everybody knows the devastating loses which America suffered on that day. Rising Sun captured that feel, atmosphere of Pearl Harbour and delivered it very well onto the videogame console. I can remember obtaining a fire extinguisher which was part of a objective. Putting out the fires in the kitchen and helping fellow crew members really hit home for me. I imagined what would it be like if I was in there place and that right exact moment. What would I do and etc. Dreamworks Interactive definitely capitalized with Rising Sun and was a big hit for the series.

Medal Of Honour then moved back to the scene of World War 2. At that time. Activison had their own FPS power machine hot on the tail for Medal Of Honour’s success, Call Of Duty. World War games got more popular within the early stages of the last decade. Call Of Duty was stealing Medal Of Honour’s thunder and claimed number one spot in most departments when more Call Of Duty games were been released, which were developed by Treyarch who are behind Black Ops. There were massive decline for World War games and Activison quickly seized onto the opportunity to create a game which was Modern day before the grandfather of World War games entered the scene.

Actvision created one of the best games of the last decade, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warefare and then soon followed by the hit sequel Modern Warfare 2. Dreamworks Interactive now known as Danger Close created one more Medal Of Honour game back in World War setting. It wasn’t highly appreciated by the gaming world but it was certainly a good attempt to show that there was still life in the old dog yet. Sadly though, sale figures proved that World War games were not as popular as they once was.

2007 being the last Medal Of Honour game to be set in World War. 3 years later. Danger Close announce Medal Of Honour, modern day in Afghanistan and playing as a Tier 1 operative.

Danger Close has caught the eye from many people. Before Danger Close announced a new Medal Of Honour game. EA had Battlefield developed by DICE to fill the gap for modern day war to compete against Activison’s highly rated Call Of Duty series. Danger Close announced a partnership with DICE. I immediately sounded more interested in this new Medal Of Honour game, as DICE making a superb game out out Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2 multiplayer could well be a Call Of Duty beater on it hands. Danger Close was focusing the singleplayer side whilst DICE was doing the multiplayer. At first I was optimistic with the new Medal Of Honour game. With the success of Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2. EA certainly has a big task to re-ignite the big daddy of FPS’s to that number one spot again. It wasn’t till I got my hands on a multiplayer beta code for Medal Of Honour that I knew that it was for me.

Expect a review of Medal Of Honour either tomorrow or Friday to find out if it lives up to the name of Medal Of Honour or be a Medal Of Shame.

Stay tuned to the JoyPads for the latest news, reviews and features.


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  1. Very impressed Scott. Well researched and well written mate.

    I still have the first Medal of Honour game on the PS1, haven’t played on it for yonks mind.

  2. Scott Widdowson

    Cheers mate. To be honest. I think this is the best feature I have written up to be quite frank. I spent time with it and took my time. Lesson learnt over the pass features and reviews I have done.

  3. Well you are learning very fast mate, hopefully people will take notice and give you a shot on one their websites.

    I don’t see why not tbh as your features and reviews are always a good read 🙂

  4. on one of their websites sorry.

    Damm laptop keyboard!!!!! lol

  5. Scott Widdowson

    Cheers mate, really appreciate it. I will create a domain for this around the christmas period and affiliate with some people to get the name about. I don’t mind throwing some money towards it, as its something I rather enjoy doing.

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