JoyPads: Medal Of Honour Review

ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man anyone?

Another shooter hits the firing squad. When it comes to shooters who are backed up by huge promise of delivery to be the next big thing, it will get people talking and the internet will freeze. Danger Close gave everybody a well good presentation of what Medal Of Honour is going to be like. Previews sound good across the board of many gaming sites and the words “Potential COD killer” was unearthed by many people, and to bring back former glory for the Medal Of Honour franchise.

Medal Of Honour returns and ditches the World War II setting which was so predominately being the top dog, until Call Of Duty arrived. With a crowded FPS market, Medal Of Honour went in with some good ambitions and to become the most controversial game of this year. Danger Close wanted to capture the realism in the conflict which is occurring in Afghanistan.

So, lets dive straight into the new Medal Of Honour game.

The first couple of missions are very similar to Modern Warfare. The slow motion pistol headshot to blasting your way out of a plane cemetery. The familiarity to Modern Warfare 2 was no surprise but I wanted Danger Close to make Medal Of Honour its own unique game on the present war in Afghanistan. Later into the game however, Danger Close does deliver some spectacular moments to make you take a minute to observe the spectacle. The mountains, the valleys when attacking the Taliban does bring a rather good atmosphere and to really make you feel you are apart of it. There is a couple of missions which you will encounter which felt like Modern Warfare 2. One mission in actual fact played out like All Ghillie’d Up in Call Of Duty 4. The other is where you are fighting waves of Taliban forces or shall we say “Opposing forces” from the mountains. This is definitely one of the spectacles that Medal Of Honour has on offer and does it perfectly. The feeling of everything is against you really does kick in and the pressure does get to you.

Medal Of Honour is a short game. 6hr campaign and the good moments are few and far between which is the problem. Most of the adrenaline heart pumping stuff are at the first couple of missions. Does feel good to pop off a enemy in the distance with high tech weaponry, and the ATV moment was satisfying.

Ammo isn’t a issue, as when you are running low. You can easily request ammo from your squad-mates. You are able to pick up dead enemy weapons but they aren’t as superior to your own weapons. You are more likely to pop off the enemy from a distance whilst your squad-mates move in closer and take the heat away from you. Sadly no squad orders but that would spark some debate as to what Medal Of Honour would actually be. Your fellow Tier 1 operatives do a good enough job against the headless chicken AI enemy.

The story telling for the game is typical and a obvious route on where to drive this game. Tier 1 operatives are the behind the scenes type of guys. They aren’t built like your normal soldiers, they are designed to go in with a punch and leave quietly. Black Ops missions, SAS standard military procedures and the whole protocol. When progressing through the missions you do feel like a Tier 1 operative. Even your squad-mates will have familiarity with some Modern Warfare characters. They speak there own lingo or military lingo which they inherited, and are close nit unit who know each other well. Even though the game brought controversy over the Taliban situation. Medal Of Honour isn’t like the competition and really does offer a realistic take on the War.

Overall the campaign is the weakest point to Medal Of Honour. Does offer great moments and satisfying gaming but, sadly falls short to its competitors who have already shown what scale you should be hitting at. The good thing about Medal Of Honour campaign, is that it does tell a  very realistic story and not over the top action like Modern Warfare 2. Which made it feel more like you are a Mercenary than protecting the world from dangerous harm by terrorists and to sort out a personal vendetta.

The other side of the coin to Medal Of Honour is the multiplayer. Danger Close was developing the singleplayer and the multiplayer was left to the master-minds, DICE. DICE are known for they exquisite destruction physics in Battlefield: Bad Company and how to deliver great multiplayer action.

Medal Of Honour’s multiplayer will have a very striking resemblance to Bad Company and that is no complaint. Its the first time DICE have created a multiplayer which isn’t open space and more CQC. Sadly it does show that, as the weapons, the feel of the multiplayer, was designed to be open space battlefield and to get the authentic feel. DICE using the Frostbite engine to the multiplayer and introduced small parts of destruction, it does take out some things from the singleplayer such as the slide and lean. Very unnoticeable, as you would pick a spot to crouch and pick off enemy players and be a pain in the arse.

The game modes to Medal Of Honour multiplayer will have typical game modes and Combat Mission which is Gold Rush on Bad Company but slightly different. When building up a nice killstreak. You do get killstreak rewards to use in the battlefield. Either offensive or supportive. Offensive for personal gain; Mortar attack, missile drop, air strike and the supportive; UV radar, extra ammo and take more damage plus a UV jammer to the opposing team. You get these killstreak rewards when accumulated high enough points to access them. Try and not die and you can have ball and being in the right position definitely helps to increase your K/D ratio.

Medal Of Honour was trying to capture both worlds of Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 but fallen at the last hurdle. Medal Of Honour does offer great gameplay and satisfying moments, though it fails to make self heard and be somewhat different to its competitors. Danger Close and DICE aren’t working at there potential best to deliver a “COD beater” to which people thought Medal Of Honour could of become. Its a great bundle of joy and it does indeed fills the gap if you are waiting for Black Ops or Bad Company 2: Vietnam. The visuals are good in singleplayer and multiplayer but, some areas the visuals lack depth and polish when adventuring in singleplayer. The scenes are top notch, and the sound is perfect. Medal Of Honour is a great return for the hit franchise. This is definitely taking the franchise into a new era, and Danger Close can use Medal Of Honour as a stepping stone if there was to be a Medal Of Honour 2.





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  1. Good read. Picked this up today and what you have said is spot on! Keep up the good work.

  2. Good review Scott

    I think I will pass on the game until I can get it cheap.

    Karlius I think said the MP was what put him off MOH, and if thats the highlight…that ain’t good lol.

    Bad Company 2 is cheap on eBay now so I might make an effort to buy it.

  3. Scott Widdowson

    To be honest the mulitplayer can be forgiving and damn right harsh at times. Leaning towards harsh than forgiving. For example. If you are on a side which are weaker and team players getting killed rather quickly and frequently. The opposing team will rack up the kill streaks and you will forever be hiding in buildings to avoid the mortar attacks, missiles and more.

    Its not that bad. You can tell there is a DICE presence with the multiplayer. It shows that DICE haven’t yet grasped the smaller scale CQC type of shooters. More attention to detail and fine polishing would of given Medal Of Honour a bit more good recognition than the rather mix bag of thoughts. Definitely a game to pick up on the cheap or simply rent. I’m satisfied with the end product from Danger Close/DICE, and this certainly a stepping stone for them to make a good go of MoH 2 in the future.

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