We welcome Alex as the new Admin of the JoyPads forum!

Directly from Cory aka Dunncor, ex Admin and now Moderator to the JoyPads Forum.

Today is a sad day in the world of the Joypads, today is the day I shall be resigning as the Admin. Without getting into too much, the burden of Uni is too great for me to continue my role as Admin, thus I am taking a demotion to Moderator, it allows me to stay involved with the staff and runnings of the forum to an extent, but not to the demand an admin position needs me to be.

So we have 1 Admin, and 2 Moderators, right? Wrong! We need a new admin, and we’ve been going round quietly to find one. The staff of Joypads were given priority, due to being such a demanding job. 3 people chucked their names into the hat to become the new Administrator, Soundwave (Scott), Rawk Hawk (Alex) and Ben64 (Ben). Myself, Owen and Ian have discussed who should take the position, and we came to a collective decision.

Congratulations to Rawk Hawk, who shall now be Admin of the Joypads from now on, working alongside Ghost! Rawk Hawk has been chosen for his hard work and desire in keeping the forums and news site alive, all 3 applicants were great choices, but we decided against Scott or Ben due to their admin positions on the Joypads News Sites and Shinesparkers Forums respectively, this will allow all 3 individuals to put full focus into administrating their respective sites.

Once again, well done Alex.

The JoyPads community is very vibrant and always have something to chat about. You can easily join our friendly, atmosphere community and join in debates about anything.

Join us now!


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