JoyPads: Top 10 Best RPG Games

RPG’s, the games that steal hours and hours of our time, yet we want more and more of the same dose. Over the years RPG’s have grown massively. How we interact with other players, choose the right or wrong path of our character’s fate or genuinely being a badass throughout. There have been great RPG games out over the years and some which are plain dreadful and would bring a tear to your eye for there utter disappointment. So here is my top 10 best RPG games.

10 – Jade Empire

Jade Empire was a different type of RPG that I have played. The combat focusing on melee and magic and the numerous of Martial Arts you can learn was mind blowing. There was great depth to Jade Empire, plus the plot was very good from Bioware. Jade Empire is in need of a sequel and I think the chances of seeing Jade Empire 2 for the current gen is very slim.

9 – Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Oblivion is one jaw-dropping game. It never disappointed and offered numerous of quests and other activities to do. You literally could just play Oblivion and no need to buy any other game till you have 100% Oblivion. Its what the game gave me the impression off. Being able to explore caves, dungeons and roam in and out of towns and settlements. It felt true to the period of time which the game was set in. Bethesda really has hit the nail on the head with Oblivion.

8 – Borderlands

Mad-Max feel, raiders constantly on the look out for stuff and of course kill you. Borderlands was very different from your normal RPG’s. Being able to play co-op with friends really made what this game is today. With its good comedy values and tonnes and tonnes of guns for you to obtain. Borderlands could go on forever.

7 – Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

A dream come true. The only way which a proper Star Wars story can be told is via RPG form. Being able to choose which side your character goes towards was great. Doing acts which were in good interest and some bad affected some relationships within the party you have assembled. Getting to use the lightsaber, Knights Of The Republic got more interesting and better. Going against memorable creatures in the Star Wars universe brought some really good nostalgia to the game. Its a must have for Star Wars fans.

6 – Pokemon Blue/Red

150 Pokemon to capture, trade with friends and watch your favourite Pokemon evolve are great gaming memorable moments. I spent most of time capturing Pokemon and training them up individually to my requirements. I like to make sure that my Pokemon are always stronger and more adaptable throughout the course of a Gym battle or against the Elite 4. Pretty much everyone I know was involved with Pokemon, especially the games. Charizard was the most used Pokemon in the local Pokemon battles I had at school, ah the memories of destroying them with my lvl 94 Blastoise.

5 – Fable

The first introduction to one of the most acclaimed games on the Xbox. Fable started it all. Most RPG’s before had the basic mechanics which were great. Fable took the RPG to the next step. Interacting with people in different ways. Get married, have a family, become a business empire by buying all the houses, shops and renting them out at ridiculous prices. Fable has a interesting plot as well but the main attraction why Fable was one of my favourites was the route you could take. There was no restrictions on what you wanted to do. If you wanted, you could bed other women, become damn right evil or become the hero who protected everyone. The fate of your character was in your hands to manipulate.

4 – Dragon Age: Origins

Another game by Bioware. Dragon Age: Origins is a brilliant game. With the fate of humanity hanging by a thread against the blight or darkspawn in other words. Dragon Age had a very strong presence to succeed, and succeed it did. Origins has got a huge depth into the game. With frequent DLC for the game which it has received. Origins is just the stepping stone to huge success with the sequel to come out in March 2011. Origins returned back to old school gameplay mechanics which featured in Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. The graphics wasn’t lush but it was good enough. Exploring the locations around Ferelden and learning more about the enemy and gaining new and excitable members was great fun.

3 – Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 was everything we wanted in the first Mass Effect game. With a explosion storyline and a great start to Mass Effect 2. Already my jaw hit the ground and that wasn’t it. Against all odds, assembling more new people to help and of course some old faces. Mass Effect 2 was awesome when you picked up the controller and the disc was in the console. The gameplay was better. Being able to combine different powers really help against the bigger foes. The scenes were fantastic, and so much eye candy your head would explode.

2 – Blue Dragon

Probably a controversial pick, but I rather enjoyed Blue Dragon. Typical JRPG and in some kind of way I was getting more into it when the story of the game progressed. JRPG gameplay have been turn base, the majority of them anyway. I really liked the basic gameplay mechanic and it always seems to work for them. I really liked the scenes as it gave me the impression that care to detail was taken. Smooth graphics and excellent sound made the experience a whole lot better.

1 – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 the most enjoyable RPG I have played. The pip-boy as the start menu for stats, inventory, skills plus a built in radio. I could already tell what I was getting into. The detail into the landscape of the capital wasteland was mighty impressive. The rumble, half destroyed buildings and how life has been transformed. While exploring the capital wasteland and doing many side quests. The way that people reacted to your presence was fantastic. Outsider, one from the vault which these people never got to and survived against all odds out here made the experience a lot better. The scenery changed and the atmosphere changed when you head straight into the heart of Washington D.C. Its been transformed into battle. The Brotherhood against the Super Mutants and going against Behemoth Super Mutants was just the tip of the iceberg. The plot to Fallout 3 was very interesting. You could easily do some of the main missions and then spend the majority of your time levelling up and doing side quests and reap the benefits which they will give you. Fallout 3 will forever be a favourite of mine.



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  1. you need to play more games

    hmm this list fail if you ask me. no suikoden, final fantasy, legend of mana, chrono cross, legend of dragon and a heck of alot better games

  2. you have listed all my favorite games, wicked. I love the game fallout and jade empire specially its too good. im lookign forward to the new fall out its has some good reviews.

    0.The Witcher

  4. stephen lasmarias

    same hir.. fall out die hard!!!

  5. This list is not a good list without Baldur’s Gate II. All the top ten have BG2 in 1,2 or 3rd place. It’s incredible that you had’t put it into the list yet.

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