Level-5 announces Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

Two brain-teasing franchises clash for new 3DS game!

Level-5, the masterminds behind the Professor Layton series, today announced at a press conference that Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright will both appear in a game together for the 3DS.

Titled Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, the game sees both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright being sucked into a place called Labyrinth City, a mystical place housing both illusions and reality. The city is being terrorised by a mysterious person called the Story Teller, who has the power to bring to life anything he writes with his pen. Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are both originally enemies, but they begin to work together to stop this new enemy.

The only bit of gameplay information announced is that Layton will solve puzzles while Phoenix will defend a girl accused of witchcraft. You may have heard about the phrase ‘witch trials’ flying about around the time the Ace Attorney 10th Anniversary site was opened – this is the big surprise they were hiding. Characters revealed up to now from the two franchises are Layton and Phoenix (obviously), but Luke Triton from the Layton world and Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney world have also been revealed. It’s possible that other fan favourites will appear, such as Emmy Altava and Miles Edgeworth. The artwork hints that the game is set around the time of the second Professor Layton trilogy (Specter’s Flute, Mask of Miracle, and an as of yet unknown game) and possibly between Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice.

Are you excited for this game? Who do you want to see appear? Comment below or post here!

Source – ONM

Source – ONM


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