JoyPads: Top 5 Best Fighting Games

Fighting games have always been frustrating, competitive and time consuming. Why time consuming you say? I can remember spending hours trying to beat certain characters on numerous of fighting games and on the verge of breaking my controller endless of times. Without fighting games in the videogame industry. There is no purpose to be a gamer. Maybe a bit too strong of words there, but its one genre that I cannot live without. So, I decided to pick the top 5 best fighting games.

5 – Tekken Tag Tournament

Being able to have four fighters when fighting was great. After beating one of my opponents to a pulp, he quickly switch to another fighter. You could easily switch to another fighter at any time you wanted. I found that gameplay mechanic to be very good and somewhat frustrating the further you got in the arcade mode on a harder difficulty.

4 – Clay Fighter

Clay Fighter gives me some good memories. The funny choice of fighters to pick from and the music being excellent. Clay Fighter had to be on the list for being funny, great gameplay and last of all damn right strange. I usually picked The Blob when playing Clay Fighter. If you throw a punch or kick, his body forms into a fist or shoe.

3 – Eternal Champions

Ah, Eternal Champions one frustrating game but one of the selected few fighting games that made me stay glued to the TV screen. Excellent theme music, great gameplay and awesome fighters. Eternal Champions was a big success in my eyes. The game was very harsh at times. You could be dishing out some punishment and then the CPU will have a field day if you did one minor mistake. Good times and some very frustrating times.

2 – Super Street Fighter II

One of the greatest games of all times. Super Street Fighter II. Introducing more characters, more polished and just better. Ryu or Ken being preferable choices, but I learnt to use Fei Long and DeeJay a lot more. When breaking the barrier and learning to use there better moves, everything fall into place. Give Street Fighter time and you will have the time of your life.

1 – Mortal Kombat 3

I’ve always been a Mortal Kombat player than any other fighting game set from Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat edged the competition, because of the brutality you can perform on your opponents. Fatalities being the main highlight out of Mortal Kombat and its nice fluid gameplay, choice of Kombatants and damn right hard game. It was the recipe of success if you ask me. I always hit a roadblock whilst playing MK3, and that was against Motaro. I won’t even start to say how frustrating Motaro was.


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  1. Totally agree that MK3 is the best of the MK games. I’m not sure if you know this game but this beat em up I loved.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament fighters on the Mega Drive.

    I loved it lol other ones that possibly just missed out on this were Soul Calibur 1 and Capcon Vs SNK

  2. Never played TMNTTF on the megadrive. Have heard of it though. I did consider Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter and even Capcom vs Marvel, but I think I made the right decision in the games I have chosen.

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