Call Of Duty: Black Ops for £20, you can place a pre-order for Black Ops and get the game for £20. By simply using this code: ZZ082 & XV044.

However, take care if you are going to place order with them.

The deal: Quoted from

“Blacks Ops is £45.00 at for Xbox 360 & Sony PS3

However, there’s  a Very code that gets NEW CUSTOMERS £25 off your first order of £40 or more. This code is ZZ082

If you already have an account the codes will not work. Some people have said by opening up another one on their website and then phoning in with the details, that both codes have been applied manually. charge £3.95 for P&P, however there’s another code XV044, that gives you Free Delivery.  You can use these both together.”


“ require you to have a credit account.  They make their money every week when people do not clear their accounts.  For this deal to be any sort of benefit to you, you MUST pay it off at the earliest opportunity.

You might get rejected from opening a Very account for whatever reason. will charge £45 to your account, and then refund the money back to you after a few days.  It has been known for them to cancel codes, saying that you are not valid to use them.  Make sure everything has gone through before you open and use the game.

You cannot return a game once it has been opened, so ensure the codes have worked before you open and use the game.”



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  1. I got nothing but hassle in the past from so I will give this a miss cheers.

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