JoyPads: Fallout New Vegas CE Unboxing

War, War never changes, but the Collector editions do!

Fallout 3 re-ignited the Fallout franchise. The success from Fallout 1 & 2 on the PC was excellent, and in 2008. Bethesda Softworks created the master-mind Fallout 3 to consoles which the hugely scale of the wasteland became a big hit with everyone. Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment are behind New Vegas, and they have done a Vegas themed collector’s edition.

Nice looking box, and the sleeve with good information on what you got and little about the game.

Some nice bit of content here:

  • ‘All Roads’ Hardcover graphic novel.
  • The making of Fallout: New Vegas dvd.
  • Poker chips.
  • Platinum poker chip.
  • Playing cards.

A close up picture on the poker set up. The poker chips have nice decal, and the platinum chip is just what it is. Platinum. Not real platinum as I would flog it straight the way!

Playing cards are very nice as well and I’m sure you can make up a game or two.

Stay tuned to the JoyPads for the latest news, reviews and features, plus also expect a Fallout: New Vegas review sometime soon!


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