Halloween Feature: 10 Games We Would Add Zombies In

Its that time of year again. Halloween. Once you get older it doesn’t mean anything nowadays but is does to some certain degree. Fancy dress party, having girls in rather short revealing clothing, and just drool all night. Gaming has definitely lived up to the plate which the horror genre has supplied us. Maybe the films executed them better mentally than games do, but games offer the ‘fun’ in huge amount of doses. Zombies are pretty much in everything. So, here at the JoyPads, we took it upon ourselves to create a mouth watering read for you readers.

Wii Music (Zombie Music)

Just the image of seeing Zombies dance around and play various instruments amuses me. Can you picture a choir full of zombies with an audience clapping and cheering, to then be attacked by said Zombies and their brains eaten as the screen fades with a score? No? Well I have… The game would also have various different locations such as a haunted house, graveyard, crypt and dark woods.

Ace Attorney

A recurring element in every case in the Ace Attorney franchise is that there is a murder which the defense has to solve. But what if the victim returned? Of course, they could actually be alive, but how much better would it be if they returned as a zombie? Imagine it: Edgeworth’s presented a piece of evidence which Phoenix cannot counter…then suddenly, the victim appears. Does he tell the court what actually happened in the murder? No, instead he eats Edgeworth’s brain. This delays the trial, getting Phoenix the opportunity to question another witness between trials or find the key evidence for the case. This, of course, depends on whether the zombie goes for Phoenix’s brains or not. And if the zombie began a zombie outbreak.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Brain Eater (see what I did there?)

Snake is sneaking through the Russian jungles as per usual until later when he finds out later that a massive infection has spread around, turning everyone into zombies. He has to escape the jungle by sneaking his way back out. He comes across Dead Cell again, which are now far less weird in comparison to what is going on around them. You also finally have a use for the zombie face paint, which can be used to temporarily confuse zombies from a distance if they notice you. Oh, and all the animals are zombies too, on hardcore mode. So you can only eat a certain amount of animals for stamina and health before you yourself turn into a zombie.

Star Wars: Zombies Unleashed

I think it would of been easily said in the majority of features such as this to pop up. With a title which would grab your attention from anywhere, it would be awesome to play a Star Wars game full of Republic soldiers as zombies. Survive wave after wave of zombies trying to nom on you like there is no tomorrow, with force powers and a companion to help you. Select a roster of different Star Wars characters such as: Yoda and Darth Vader teaming up together? Recipe for greatness if you ask me!

Wii Fit (Zombie Fit)

A fitness game with a difference. It takes aspects of Wii Fit and combines them with various horror scenes. Plenty of mini games that will ensure you get fit with the added risk of having your brains eaten if you do not complete each one to a particular level. You lose weight on screen as zombies take bites out of you depending on how much you’ve lost. If you have lost several pounds that week, a zombie may come out and bite your arm off.. which will then be replaced by organic or mechanical substitutes.

Hitman: Blood Money

I reckon a game like this would be great fun to include zombies! Not only could you have the option for Agent 47 to infiltrate a massive zombie dinner party or something, but Agent 47 could be the zombie! Sneaking into buildings and secretively eating people’s brains and stealing their uniforms. If you’re human Hitman, you can use the normal array of guns he uses in case one of the zombies notices he’s still human. But you also have access to stealthy items such as the Antidote, in which the zombie turns back into a normal human and helps Agent 47 sneak around and stuff! And at the end, because the developers can’t think of any other way to be climactic, they just make you do a massive zombie shootout and then Agent 47 escapes on a boat somewhere.

Dr. Kawashima: Brain Training

We all know about Brain Training, the series of games where you do activities to improve your ‘brain age’. But how different would the game be if it were called Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains Training? For one, Dr Kawashima wouldn’t talk to you at all, just groan and shout for brains. You wouldn’t receive a brain age either, just a scale of 1 to 10 of how much the zombie wants to nom on your brains.The five areas of the brain would be how delicious each part of the brain would be for the zombie. The games would change too. Instead of shouting into the mic, you’d groan in a certain way so that the zombie gives you a higher brain age. I could go on like this forever, but I don’t want to kill you. Because if that happened, you’d become a zombie. And then More Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains Training would happen.


Pokemon and Zombies. Not a mix that a lot of people would think go together… Well here is my reasons to why Pokemon needs Zombies! We know the formula now for Pokemon and its Pokemon vs Pokemon battles with the trainers in the sidelines. Now think of this… Once you defeat a zombie players pokemon you must then battle the zombie trainer within a few turns or lose the battle and be forced to return to a Pokemon Centre to heal. And instead of your Pokemon fainting your Pokemon turn into zombie versions of themselves and must be released!

Street Fighter: Zombie

I thought hard with this one and I think it sounds funny and could well work. Zombie-fied Ryu, Chun Li and the whole lot? Would be funny, especially if they turned some of the moves into a gore-galore which could easily make you faint. Zangeif munching on you whilst doing that spinning pile-driver? Probably a bad image to have in your head, but on the other hand. It would add a twist to the game, no doubt a lot of laughter to be had.

Fight Night: Zombie Edition

Come on. Two Zombies boxing? Instant ‘lol’s’ in internet language. Zombie Tyson vs a Zombie Ali? Tyson would have one thing in his head. Rip everything apart than just taking a nibble on the ear. Would be funny to see Don King to make appearance. If you have played Dead Rising 2 and with the Terror is Reality, then I think Don King would be best suited for the role in presenting this sluggish PPV match.


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