Final Fantasy characters to appear in Mario Sports Mix

Square Enix add their own twist to the games…

It has been revealed today that Mario Sports Mix developers, big-name RPG developers Square Enix, are to include Final Fantasy characters into the game. This isn’t the first time this has been done, however – multiple characters such as Moogle were included in Mario Slam Basketball for DS, which was also developed by Square Enix.

The Final Fantasy characters announced to appear in the game are a Moogle, a recurring species in the series, Shirma and Croma, two characters from the Chocobo sub-series, a Ninja, a recurring class in Final Fantasy, and Cactuar, a recurring enemy in the series. Mii’s are also announced to appear. This now leaves one space free for a surprise character.

Do you like the idea of Final Fantasy characters in Mario Sports Mix? And who do you want to be the mystery character? Comment below or post in our topic on the forums!

Source – ONM


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