Goldeneye 007 sales for Wii rather disappointing

Bond firing blanks?

A Week has past since Goldeneye had a new face lift with Daniel Craig being the Bond. Back in June this year. Michael Pachter pretty much written off Goldeneye of being a failure, and no doubt questioning  the Wii capabilities of having such a acclaimed game back on the N64 to become a Wii exlcusive

Source: VGchartz

“Given the track record of ‘hardcore’ Wii exclusives, I would bet that sales are underwhelming. It’s a funny thought to resurrect a 10 year-old brand – maybe longer – and keep it a Nintendo exclusive. It is unlike Activision to do an exclusive, and I am particularly surprised that they would do it with Goldeneye. I completely agree that most of the original audience is pretty hardcore, and think a Rare game on the 360 would have a better chance. Perhaps this is all due to the James Bond license, but… a Wii exclusive is odd.” said Michael Pachter.

First week sales for Goldeneye worldwide: 144,691

  • North America – 96,735
  • Japan – N/A
  • Europe – 47,956

Seems that Goldeneye could have received better recognition if released multiplatform.

Source: VGchartz

Do you agree with Pachter? Drop a comment and leave us your thoughts.


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  1. It was over done, The Original Goldeneye is still better, Funner, not as frantic.

  2. As of 2017 the game now has sold 1.8 million copies. That would have made back its budget and then some

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