JoyPads: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

I’ll have COD with that please.

Call Of Duty is back with Treyarch taking the lead. Black Ops introduces a mind-boggling story which will take you over Cuba, Vietnam war and the looming threat from the U.S.S.R. Zombies make a spectacular return from World At War. So it would seem Treyarch will have a tough job on there hands to deliver the CoD experience to the millions of fans out there. Modern Warfare 2 set a very high standard and Treyarch respond with a excellent game to boot, and probably gain more people back to the franchise.

Lets begin. The story to Black Ops is pretty much straight forward with superb twists. At first, the game starts off slow in terms of storytelling but the action is typical CoD standards. You play as Alex Mason. A member of SOG (Studies and Observations Group.) The game starts with Alex Mason strapped to a chair being interrogated. At first a massive question mark cloud appeared as I felt like I was dropped straight into the deep end. It’s not till the game hits about half way point till everything falls into place and the story itself starts to go in motion. Mason has been brainwashed. The interrogator is trying to make Mason remember what happened and you play the events on the memories of Mason to remember what they need from him. You will come across some interesting characters and characters that have the same appeal like Captain Price, Soap McTavish and Gaz. Black Ops is supported by top talent like Ed Harris and Gary Oldham. The delivery from Hudson and Reznov are very believable and very well done.

Black Ops does indeed have its explosive action sequences but not as many as Modern Warfare 2, which made the game somewhat over the top and becoming very predictable. Black Ops is probably the most stealth CoD game in the franchise. You will encounter two missions which so far shows off the stealth set pieces in full style. You are in Vietnam and you must get to a village without alerting the Vietnamese soldiers and the other in the snowy mountains to find intelligence of a superior threat to the US. Black Ops was more pleasant than Modern Warfare 2. It carried a nice pace to each action encounters and not forever bombarding the player with over the top sequences. There are some memorable moments which I will remember and continue talking about such as; Running from avalanche and jumping off to reach my next destination.

The campaign is a solid 15 missions and takes a little bit for it to really hit top gear. Whilst playing the game on veteran. They were some very harsh moments and yet the game still likes to throw infinite enemies at you if you haven’t moved from a particular area. There were certain bits I would change myself but I won’t spoil it for anyone. Black Ops is definitely a game you want to play on your own for that singleplayer experience. With the campaign pretty much giving you 6hrs probably upto 8hrs worth of gaming. Its the multiplayer which is the main highlight of the Call Of Duty games as of late. You can still earn killstreaks, add clan tags, emblems and even camouflage for your weapons. Treyarch have really gone into the clan area of the competitive side whilst also catering for the social experience as well.

Black Ops multiplayer introduces a new feature and new game modes. You can now view previous match replays and save them to your file share. Just like Halo, you can watch with friends showing off your impressive killstreak and fancy kills such as; sprinting dives with dual pistols and really be a thorn for the opposing team. A new game mode for Black Ops is wager matches. Here you can compete against other players for CoD points. These CoD points are for buying new attachments, weapons, camouflages and perks. There are different modes with wager matches which will no doubt offer a total new experience and make you feel more on the edge of your seat. You still have the traditional game modes such as; Search & Destroy, headquarters, team deathmatch and free for all. Nice maps to run around and they quite big from Modern Warfare 2 and COD4. With the game developed by Treyarch. Zombies make return. Yes, the formidable foe, Zombies, make a triumph return where players will control either JFK, Castro, Nixon and McNamara against the fresh eating horde. Its simple and its the same as World At War. just survive each wave against the Zombie horde, whilst gaining new improved weapons and picking up x2 score multipliers and more helpful drops from the Zombies you have capped in the head. The pentagon map is perfect against the Zombie horde and listening to the funny dialogue which JFK, Castro, Nixon plus McNamara say. When you have accumulated enough points you can buy new weapons, upgrades and ammo plus open new areas and go against new Zombie enemies.

Treyarch have truly nailed Black Ops with the entertainment package. There is even a hidden game you can play as well. On the main menu screen, hit the LT and RT you will break out of your chair and head for the computer behind you. There you can play a birds eye view Dead Ops arcade. You will probably put quite a few hours into Dead Ops as well. Black Ops has definitely got action, explosive package and fills the gap for the next instalment for the CoD franchise. Whether or not Infinity Ward develops then next CoD is questionable.

Overall, Treyarch has done a splendid job. The story goes at a fine pace and the action is 10/10. Its not like Modern Warfare 2 with over the top action sequences which is nice for a change, but there was a few niggles which Black Ops have. Infinite enemies kept on being thrown at you, the endless f-word appearing in most dialogue which was tiresome and bad areas to have checkpoints. You will encounter them if you play the game on veteran and you will definitely feel the pressure. The multiplayer is still as competitive from COD4 and Modern Warfare 2 and even World At War. Black Ops will have replay value seeping through the seams with its addicting rank up system and its numerous of weapons that are on offer. With over a 6hr campaign to sink your teeth into. Black Ops will no doubt satisfied your taste buds.



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