JoyPads: Noble Map Pack Review

Spread the love across another 3 more maps.

The first DLC has arrived for the highly acclaimed, Halo Reach. Noble Map Pack introduces 3 new maps and 250 gamerscore to your lovely achievement list. In this review I shall be covering all 3 maps and achievements. Whether or not the map pack is worth the 800 Microsoft points, you will have to continue reading to find our overall judgement. So, let’s begin.

We start off with Anchor 9. Anchor 9 is part of UNSC vessel. The map is rather small and CQC will be very common amongst this map compared to others. Outside of the vessel, you can zero-gravity jump across platforms to navigate from one side to the other. Its a great transition as when you are firing a weapon, the sound dubs because of the zero-gravity effect and will no doubt prove a nice little area for a few laughs. Back inside the map its rather basic, its small and not a lot going for it and it is rather plain and simple map for you to earn kills and throw a cheeky plasma grenade to someone’s back. The other side from the dock entrances, you have two turrets on either side. The spawn points are either side of the map, and these turrets could well prove useful. Apparently Anchor 9 is a near replica of The Pit map back on Halo 3. They are a few similarities in the level design perhaps and its been discussed by the staff. Drop a comment below on your thoughts whether or not it is or not.

Breakpoint is our second map. Its a huge map and probably one of the biggest maps. You have some very high areas for sniper’s so its add more tension whilst playing. You have ghosts, warhogs, wraiths, banshee’s and mongoose’s as the vehicles to use within the map. The middle part of the map has two buildings which you can travel through the rocky part of the mountain to get to both sides. Outside offers range fighting and CQC within the middle of the map. It does get chaotic when you got wraiths, warhogs and banshee’s all attacking at the same time in one area. The best course of action to really be a thorn in the backside is to have the jetpack ability, gain a DMR, sniper or a needle rifle and go to a very high place. Seeing as the sniper rifle is very powerful. 3 maybe 4 shots to take down a banshee, and then focus on the other enemies will be no problem. Other than having the right ingredients. Its definitely up there with the enjoyable maps to play on and will offer plenty of action.

Tempest is the last and final map to the Noble Map Pack. This is the medium map out of the 3. You have some vehicles to use, two turrets on other side in the middle of the map and some cannon’s which will blast you off into middle of the warfare of the map. Games mode like Team Slayer will prove to be very chaotic in this map and even in capture the flag. I would say this is the only map I am not impressed by. Sure, maps doesn’t really have to be big and have plenty of buildings and good areas to go to. Tempest just hasn’t got that much really going for it. What made Anchor 9 good was the zero-gravity area you can go in. Tempest doesn’t have any nice little touches like that and rather relies on the basics from other maps. You could easily mistaken Tempest if it was created from the Forge world. It definitely has the aura of the Forge canvas, but it wasn’t from the Forge world. Sadly with little much to do in the map, it does fair up quite well in a game of Slayer. Capture the flag doesn’t give it any justice taking into account how small the map is.

The Noble Map Pack also offers new achievements. 250 gamerscore added and I’m sure a few people will be quite annoyed if you 1000/1000 the game before the Map Pack released. As part of the review. I will give you some tips on how to obtain them and the description of the achievements themselves.

Both Barrels: Earn a Double Kill with the shotgun in multiplayer matchmaking. 50G

This can easily be obtained in a game of the Living Dead. Unless you are feeling more of a challenge, then go to either Team Slayer or Slayer and get double kill by that means.

Offensive Driver: Earn a kill in a matchmade rocket race game. 20G

Very easy to get guys. Simply kill one of the opposing teams and you will get the achievement.

Cross-Mappin’: Kill a player at long range with the DMR in a matchmade Slayer game. 50G

Now this was rather confusing. It doesn’t exactly say how far you must kill someone by. The achievement unlocked when I was at the top of the Spire and killed a player on top of the building to your right. Keep trying on the Spire or Hemorrhage seeing how big that map is.

Poppin & Lockin: Destroy a vehicle whilst using the armour lock in a matchmade game. 25G

Go on any map which has vehicles in. Weaken the vehicle first and when they come flying at you. Use the armour lock ability and once destroyed the achievement will unlock. Breakpoint was an easy map to get this on. At the bottom of the map there is a bridge. People will use speed boost with the ghost and the armour lock will prove very useful there to stop them coming.

You Ate All the Chips: Your team collected all of the flags in a matchmade stockpile game. 42G

This was easier to get if you had 6 of you. That way you can farm it for both sides. Simply collect all the flags within the time limit and you will get the achievement.

You Blew It Up!: Blow up the research facility in a matchmade invasion game on Breakpoint. 13G

I’m yet to get this myself and you got to get this achievement on the invasion playlist and hope Breakpoint comes up. From what I have heard. Once you get to stage two as the Elites. You will have to carry a bomb. Once detonated and the research facility blows up. The achievement will pop up straight afterwards for the whole team.

Totally Worth It: Earn a double kill from the grave in a multiplayer matchmaking. 50G

Another achievement I am yet to get and most probably the hardest achievement from the map pack. Free for all would be best for this, ideally that is. You could get some friends as well to help you and farm the achievement. Play in free for all and meet up in a certain area of the grenade. Once about dead throw a grenade or plasma grenade before you die and make sure the other players are very close to each other to get that double kill.

Overall the Noble Map Pack isn’t a bad one. Its priced at 800 Microsoft points and it does air the question. Is it worth 800 Microsoft points? Well yes it is. Seeing as you have more maps and other people will no doubt have the map pack as well. You aren’t going to be missing out on any of the action or any future events which Bungie may do with the map pack only. However, 800 Microsoft points for 250 gamerscore and 3 maps maybe  a bit tad expensive for what is on offer, but it adds more to the game and will give you another excuse to play the multiplayer than just doing the daily challenges and building up for the weekly challenge.



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