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The JoyPads has just got more exciting.

Ghost’s Giveaway!:

Shinesparkers and TheJoyPads will be teaming up this christmas to give prizes to members who enter a little competition I like to call Ghosts Giveaway. In the past Ghosts Giveaway was a competition to win 2000 Nintendo Points or £20 PSN or 2100 Microsoft Points.

The competition is simple, I Will post a picture and all you have to do is provide a funny caption to go along with the picture.

However the competition will not start until a few requirements are met.
1: Both Twitter accounts (Shinesparkers TheJoyPads) must reach at least 100 followers.
2: TheJoyPads must have over 9000 posts.

Once these requirements have been met I will post more information on how to enter in this thread.

Win with Wido!:

This is my own competition which will happen once every two months. You will be able to win a game up to £30!

To get a chance to win. You will have to answer the questions correctly when I rustle up the questions up. Plus I will be thinking of new ideas to how you will win as well. Not only will you be asking questions but you might have to do something else to win. Information regarding that will happen in the future. I will pick the winner randomly, as in out of a hat. I will create a thread to congratulate the winner.

Here are the rules:
– The game chosen must be under or equal to the retail value of £30
– Judge decision is final
– Chosen game by winner must be available in the shops now or released within 10 days from the date of announcement
– Must be a resident of the UK

This competition will start from January, 2011.

To be apart of these competitions. You must join the forum to participate and read the forum rules.


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