Win With Wido

Hi folks.

I thought I would start this competition of mine to be a month earlier to get some extra Christmas spirit going within the JoyPads.

The prize is Call Of Duty: Classic for Xbox 360.

Here are the details to participate:

1: Join the JoyPads twitter which you can access here:!/TheJoyPads
2: Register to the JoyPads forum.
3: Answer these Call Of Duty questions which you must Private Message me.

Question 1: What’s the name of the protagonist you play in Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?

Question 2: Who voices Alex Mason and Victor Reznov in Call Of Duty: Black Ops?

Question 3: What Call Of Duty game are you on and mission?

Question 4: Who says this line in a Call Of Duty game: “Oi, Suzy.”

Question 5: Which character did Craig Fairbrass voice in COD4 and what film did he star in with Sylvester Stallone?

This competition will end on December 23rd, and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.


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