Sega talks Super Monkey Ball 3DS, other franchises for 3DS

What franchises are coming to the 3DS?

Sega today announced in an interview that Super Monkey Ball 3DS will indeed be a launch title. The game, a part of the popular Super Monkey Ball series, follows a group of monkeys as they try to navigate mazes in a ball, and should work well for the 3DS seeing as how it has both touch screen features and motion sensing. The Nintendo Wii also had a Super Monkey Ball game as a launch game which was popular, so maybe this one will be a popular game at launch.

Sega have also shown their support for the 3DS by announcing that many of their popular franchises will be seeing their way onto the 3DS, as well as a few oldies who haven’t been seen in quite some time.

We have announced Super Monkey Ball for 3DS, which will be a launch title. We have a number of 3DS titles in our line-up for next financial and calendar year. There’s four or five existing franchises, one or two from the old Sega IP locker, and we’re looking at one or two new IPs as well.

We know Sega are planning a Sonic game for 3DS, but what franchises do you think will appear on the 3DS? And what franchises are being revived? I’m guessing Alex Kidd and Golden Axe for the revivals, but what do you think? Comment below!

Source – ONM


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