How close is Danger close?

Not really thought the title through did I? Well, if you got my drift and knew exactly what this piece is going to be about, then tighten you’re seat-beats, and brace yourself for a different view on Medal of Honor Warfighter.

So, the critics came out in force on EA’s & Danger Close, Medal of Honor Warfighter. Another FPS title to hit the current generation of consoles, and forcefully heading towards the bargains bins – which is inevitable I’m afraid for this title. Besides that paragraph, I did enjoy the game which was on offer. Danger Close opt to use DICE’s supreme Frostbite Engine 2.0, which is a rather lovely game engine, but compared to Crytek’s engine? Nah bruv, take a seat and shut the fuck up and watch the beauty unfold…

MOH: Warfighter is a good game even if it has bugs/glitches that makes you restart the latest checkpoint and wishing it will rectify the problem you just fucking encountered. Of course that wasn’t to be… On the second but last mission through the very short campaign of Warturder, I encountered a defining floor fall glitch, which will make the space jump like jumping off a kerb. The game tapped me out, and I HAD to restart the whole mission again and hopefully the glitch wouldn’t be on form like Robin Van Persie <<< (cunt)… Alas! The glitch did not appear like X-Factor brain-washing our children that Tulisa is a role model, yet she does a mediorce porn video.

The gameplay is typical and I do like the segements of picking different entries to slaughter the jihad behind the wooden, but… Yes, but… If it’s a wooden door made out of fences, then simply shoot through the fecking door and be done with it? More entertaining to waste a clip into a door and see if you have hit anything, and claim a prize if you did!

I would seriously wait once the game drops down in price, though I do feel as if the critics were harsh with the 5/10 review from, yet some aspects I agree with and the others I did not. Not pointing out the site individually as I use the site a lot and is current forum member for over 5 years now and is far the best site for a great community. 6/10 is the minimum and 7/10 is the maximum rating I would dish out. Shame, the previous MOH game had promise and was a stepping stone for something good. The greedy bastards at EA HQ thought otherwise and more than likely killed off the MOH franchise.



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