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Joypad Awards, Games of 2010

2010 is over, it’s New Years Day meaning it’s now time to give out awards for all the deserving games of the last year, and the year ahead of us. Any games released in 2010 were legible, and each staff member could make a pick for each award, the one with the highest votes would win, assuming everyone else agreed. With that said, here’s the awards!

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Joypads: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Multiplayer Trailer

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Upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace Items

Here is a list of upcoming items for the Xbox Live Marketplace, courtesy of Major Nelsons Blog!

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Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II Confirmed to be at E3?

Gamespot has posted an interactive floor plan for E3 next week, showing where all the developer booths will be.

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